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Welcome to Momentary Cinema – a blog providing fleeting posts about film.

In the Lobby, a short introduction is provided.

In the Auditorium, short essays on the theme of cinema will be posted. From time to time, there will be film reviews – these may be new releases, re-releases or films from the past.

In the Movies Listings section, you can now alphabetically search for all films reviewed or discussed on this blog – links are provided to take you to your destination. Also included now is a Special Screenings section, which focuses on our specifically themed series of posts.

The frequency of our posts will be scattered and random. They are general musings on film and other associated media – nothing more, nothing less (although there is a chance they will be quite less).

Quality posts come from JJ McDermott, an archaeologist and film lover from Ireland; Alan Matthews, from Scotland; Robin Stevens, an anthropologist and archaeologist from Perth, Australia; Annabelle Davis, also an archaeologist based in Australia; and Shzan Plandowski, a film enthusiast originally from Canada.

If any of these blog posts interest you or you would like to add something further, leave a note on the contact page and we’ll go from there.

Please note: I am all for further guest posts so get in touch.