Special Screenings

From time to time, the team at Momentary Cinema work on a series of specifically themed posts, some once-off, some ongoing. Here is the anthologised list:

Akira Kurosawa

Akira Kurosawa – Master of Film, Part 1: The Rashomon Effect

Akira Kurosawa – Master of Film, Part 2: The Humanity of the Seven Samurai

Akira Kurosawa – Master of Film, Part 3: Derzu Uzala and the Russian Wilderness

Akira Kurosawa – Master of Film, Part 4: I Ran…in Dreams

Akira Kurosawa Meets the Man with No Name

Alfred Hitchcock

Exploring Hitchcock, Part 1: A Deeper Look at Rebecca, Rear Window and The Birds

Exploring Hitchcock, Part 2: The Earlier Masterpieces and his (not so) Grand Finale

Exploring Hitchcock, Part 3: Don’t Read This!…Vertigo and Psycho

European Masterpieces

The European Masterpieces, Part 1: Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources

The European Masterpieces, Part 2: L’Avventura, La Notte and L’Eclisse

The European Masterpieces, Part 3: Ashes and Diamonds

The European Masterpieces, Part 4: Closely Watched Trains

Film Adaptations

Adaptations, Part 1: The Revenant and Man in the Wilderness – The Story of Hugh Glass

Adaptations, Part 2: The Great Catastrophe of Adapting Gatsby

Adaptations, Part 3: A Painted Devil Twice Imagined as The Beguiled

Adaptations, Part 4: The Wages of Fear – Clouzot’s Explosive Drama and Friedkin’s Thrilling Sorcery

Films as TV Shows

The Sun Always Shines on TV, Part 1

The Sun Always Shines on TV, Part 2

Midnight Movies

Midnight Movies Part 1: The Acid Adventures of El Topo

Midnight Movies Part 2: Shooting Up in a Liquid Sky

Midnight Movies Part 3: Warren Oates is the Cockfighter

Midnight Movies Part 4: The King is Alive in Bubba Ho-tep

Movie Rules

Rule 9: All Our Greatest Heroes Arrive Fully Formed

Rule 21: The ‘Director’s Cut’ is Always the Best Version of the Movie, Except When It Isn’t

Rule 47: Never Remake a Movie Which Has Previously Starred Micheal York

Rule 263: Shia LaBeouf Must Never Be Allowed to Partake in Any Film That is Good

Thomas Harris

Hunting the Cannibal: The Heroes of Thomas Harris, Part 1 – Will Graham

Hunting the Cannibal: The Heroes of Thomas Harris, Part 2 – Clarice Starling

Saturday Afternoon Movies

Saturday Afternoon Movies, Part 1: Firefox

Saturday Afternoon Movies, Part 2: Outland

Saturday Afternoon Movies, Part 3: Split Second and Deep Rising

Saturday Afternoon Movies, Part 4: Push

Saturday Afternoon Movies, Part 5: Hell Drivers

Saturday Afternoon Movies, Part 6: The Hunted

Saturday Afternoon Movies, Part 7: Hell and High Water