Archive Review – Samsara (2012 Ron Fricke)

Imagine if there were a celestial-being watching us from above, from the side, from below, from within, from every possible point of view. Rather than watching (which probably evokes a sense of creepiness here), perhaps it is more appropriate to imagine it viewing us unobjectively. Samsara, with all its zen invocations by virtue of its … Continue reading Archive Review – Samsara (2012 Ron Fricke)

Archive Review – The Master (2012 Paul Thomas Anderson)

What exactly does one want from a work of art? To understand it completely? To be entertained? To be able to giddily talk about it to others in complete and unabridged detail afterwards? I expect the personal experience for everybody who goes to watch a film depends on the self. Unlike other individuals, I am … Continue reading Archive Review – The Master (2012 Paul Thomas Anderson)